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Swan Sweets Pvt. Ltd.

We are the confectionery manufacturers, involved in manufacturing of hardboiled sugar confectioneries, since 1991.

What distinguishes us from others is one of the well-planned plant layout and modern manufacturing facility we have at rapidly growing city of Jamnagar which is very well connected by train, air and road.

Features for the Glance

Location of the Manufacturing Unit:
Our manufacturing unit is located in 7 acres area, having built-up area of 9000 sq.mtrs on main Jamnagar – Khambalia Highway. The site is 14 km from Jamnagar Railway station and 7 km from Jamnagar Airport and well connected through city roads for local commutation.

Facilities and Infrastructure:
Along with the manufacturing unit we have a centralized air conditioned administrative office in the same premises which is having all modern gadgets and equipments facilitating efficient and effective operations. Well connected through email and internet facility for inward and outward communications.

Manufacturing facility:
We have product manufacturing & packaging lines for following products.

  • 1) Hard Boiled Sugar Confectionery
  • 2) Lozenges (Herbal & Ayurvedic)
  • 3) Fortified Sugar Confectionery

Plant Layout

Entire plant layout can be divided into the following sections.

1) Raw Material Receivable and Storage Godown

Spawning in area of 800 Sq. mtrs having facility to store all type of raw material including ingredients, packaging materials in RCC structured racks and pallets for minimum spillage and efficient material handling. Entire storage floor area is made up of surface polished Kota stone with rodent and pest preventive facilities.

2) Process Hall

This accommodates all process equipments and has slippage free 2 inch thick Kota stone floorings with under the floor drainage facility. Entire process hall is under positive pressure maintained by the fresh air blowers and exhaust system, which ensures constant fresh, dust free and filtered air circulation and prevents any external contamination. Total process floor area is 500sq mtrs.

3) Primary Packaging Area

Since the finished product is highly hygroscopic in nature thus requires dry and cool atmosphere till it gets packed. Entire wrapping area is centrally air conditioned with constant RH of 55% and dry bulb temperature at around 25 degree Celsius. This area is kept complete dry and provided with insect incinerators all around.

4) Finished Goods Godown

Total floor area of 800sq mtrs having pallets to stack finished goods attached with the dispatching dock.

Expansion Possibilities

The land area is 7 acres and there is possibility of expanding the buildup area by another 2000 sq. mtrs.

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