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Quality Assurance

We at Swans always give importance to quality and the quality policy is to continuously work to improve quality of the product, process, man, machine & environment to bring down the rejection to zero level.

To assure quality following control parameters are practiced:

1. Raw Material Quality Testing

All the inputs are standardized and the incoming raw material and packing material is tested visually, chemically, mechanically etc. and only those which are as per the standards are passed and taken for further process and the one which does not pass the test are rejected.

2. Positive Pressure

The process and packing area is maintained under positive pressure so as to ensure the dust free environment inside the factory

  • Exhaust hoods are placed on all the cooking vessels to extract the vapors/steam from the cookers which are connected with the centralized exhaust fan and it is blown to the atmosphere outside factory.
  • The process area has ventilation units which constantly supply filtered fresh air to maintain the positive pressure.
  • The packing area is air conditioned and positive pressure is maintained in that area all the time.

3. Flying Insect Killer Machines

Through out the process and packing area, the flying insect killer machines are installed.

4. In-process Checks & Testing

More than 1000 online checks and testing are carried out at regular intervals everyday to ensure that the quality manufactured is right and as per the standards and requirement of the buyer.

5. Analysis

All the finished goods are tested as per the standards laid down and only those which passes this standards are dispached.

6. Hygiene

To maintain hygienic manufacturing condition we practice the following:

  • Daily moping of floor with the germicide with change in germicide at regular interval.
  • All the people involved in production have to change to washed and clean factory uniform, head gear, footware and hand gloves before entering into production, process and packing area.
  • At regular intervals general health check of the staff members are carried out.
  • All the contact parts and utensils used are cleaned before every batch change and every day.

7. Visitor’s Policy

Only those visitors who are required to be taken to production area are taken with strict policy to change footware, head gear and visitor's apron and they are always accompanied by the supervisor during the visit.

8. Preventive Measures

The preventive policy & measures are to ensure quality of man, machine and product.

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