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Human Resource & Welfare

Human Resource & Welfare

Human Resource

Confectionery Professionals:

We have confectionery experienced professional responsible for the factory operations.

Mechanical Engineers:

We have mechanical engineers who are looking after the maintenance of all equipment’s and machinery.

Technical Assistants:

We have technical assistants for day to day trouble shooting and maintenance schedule of the process plants.

Utility Engineers:

We have utility engineers to look after the day to day running and maintenance of all the utility services such as steam, power, air conditioning plant, water supply, etc.

Assistant Engineers Utility:

We have assistant engineers utility to look after the utility services needed for the every shift operation.

Production Supervisors:

We have production supervisors to monitor all the manufacturing, processing and packing activities.

Lab Technicians:

We have lab technicians who holds degree in chemistry to look after Laboratory and Quality Control acticities.

Skilled Labors:

We have skilled labors to handle manufacturing, processing and packaging.

Training and Orientation

Continuous training and technical orientations for technical staff are conducted in-house as well as employees are sent for Food Safety Management Trainings.



Factory premises also have the accommodation facility for 150 labors.


Company has its own transport facility for employees.

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