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Private label candy manufacturers in India

Grow your private label candy business through leaps and bounds with Swan sweets. We have educated team of experts that assures fast development of candies in committed time frame with extra ordinary quality and retail margin requirements. We are popular across India and global market for developing most flexible and innovative product solutions through successful confectionary program.

We have a research and development (R&D)team too at our manufacturing plant to give cutting edge solutions to our clients. At Swan Sweets, we have significant experience of working with both national and international teams. We follow strict quality parameters every time we manufacture our products.

Hard Boiled Confectionery Manufacturing and Packaging Lines

Manufacturing Lines

One Fully automatic Robert Bosch candy forming machine with tempering belt
One Fully automatic Baker Perkins candy forming machine with tempering belt
Two Uniplast candy lines with centre filling option
Cooking Capacity Approx 56 Metric Tons per day
Pillow Pack Capacity Approx 56 Metric Tons per day

The lines consist of continuous vacuum cookers, cooling plates, batch kneaders, batch rollers, rope sizers, centre filling (liquid & powder), candy formers, three deck cooling conveyors, size sorter machines, metal detectors, etc.

Our each and every product is tested over several quality parameters to make them most suitable for the consumers. This is our constant efforts and dedication only that we are able to establish ourselves as most trusted private label candy manufacturers in the industry globally. We are able to give endless range of products to our clients at most suitable prices.

Since the time of our inception, we are one of the most reliable private label candy manufacturers in global market. Today, we have not only secured a good position as industry leader but also as powerful manufacturing / business partner. We are the contract manufacturers of candies selling our products at most affordable prices.

Packing Lines

Four Form Fill Seal Machines
Five Multi Head Weighers
Three Induction Jar Sealing Machines
Two Automatic Jar Filling Lines

List of Laboratory Equipments

  • UV Spectrophotometer (200nm-1000nm)
  • Muffle Furnace
  • Polari Meter
  • Vacuum Drying Oven
  • Nesselers Cylinders
  • Water Bath
  • Water Still
  • Standard Glass-Wares and Chemicals
  • pH Meter
  • Karl Fisher
  • Digital Scale (4 Decimal)
  • Metal Detectors
  • Vacuum Leak Test Apparatus
  • Refractormeter


One Jacketed Milk Conversion Tank
One Colloid Mill
Two Jacketed Syrup Making Tanks
Three Holding Tanks
Two Rework Processing Systems


Power Supply Steam Boilers Vapour Absorption Chiller Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) Water Treatment Plants Cooling Towers Workshop
We have our own uninterrupted power supply of 425 KVA with step down transformer of 475 KW
Locomotive Type Steam Boiler:
Dry saturated steam 800 kg/hr at 135 psi pressure
Make: Thermax
Capacity: 100 TR
Capacity: 30000 Liters per day Filter plant:

  • FeCl Dosing System
  • NaCl Dosing System
  • Multi Grade Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • Capacity: 3 m3/hr.
  • Use for: Drinking & Domestic applications
1 unit - For cooling of water to be circulated in the cooling plates Lathe Machines
Diesel feed generators
One - 430 KVA (Volvo Penta)
One - 313 KVA (Detroit)
One - 82.5 KVA (Kirloskar)
Four Pass Fluidized bed water tube boiler
2 Ton/Hr at 14 kg/cm sq. pressure
---- ---- Demineralization Plant: 2 Units

  • Capacity: 4m3/hr. (Each)
  • Water Quality: pH 8.5 to 9.5
  • Conductivity: < 30ms/cm
  • Use for: Boiler, Cooling Tower
1 unit - For air conditioning unit Drilling Machines
---- ---- ---- ---- Demineralization Plant:

  • Capacity: 1.5 m3/hr capacity demineralization plant
  • Make: ION Exchange
  • Water Quality: pH 8.5 to 9.5
  • Use for: Stand by
1 unit - For cooling of water to be circulated in the vacuum circuit Shaping & Hacksaw
---- ---- ---- ---- Mix Bed Unit (M. B. Unit):

  • Capacity: 7.5 m3/hr
  • Water Quality: pH 6.5 to 7.5
  • Conductivity: < 1ms/cm
  • Use for: Processing
1 unit - For cooling of water to be circulated in the cooling plates Welding Machines

Further, our high quality products, satisfactory customer services and efficient manufacturing practices makes us most suitable contract manufacturers of private label candies across worldwide. To know more about our products and services, contact our expert team right away.

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